What is From the Water?

From the Water is a weekly long-form newsletter of essays, stories, recommendations, reviews, and chicken scratch. The writing style is inspired by my love for water and its healing, flowing nature.

I’ve always loved the water. I’ve never discriminated one body from another, whether in pools, oceans, rivers, or lakes. I find that with water nearby, I’m somehow more connected. It has always comforted me by quieting my loud sense of isolation, offering a beautiful distraction and a place to sit.

From the Water is dedicated to these places: a pond shaped like a heart, a child’s part of a previous home, the edge of a pier where I discovered my deepest breath, and next to the willow tree in my cosmo in Paris where the ducks swim. I chose the name “From the Water” because rather than “by” or “next to” the water, I’d like my writing to acknowledge that the water was my teacher every time I returned to it. Every word I’ve written in the presence of this old friend has been possible because it has helped me listen for my own stories.

Each week, as I write, I will remember the water. I’ll breathe easy as if from under the willow tree. The weekly newsletter will arrive in your inbox every Sunday at 9 am because that’s when I call my mommy. For $5/month, subscribers also receive that week’s accompanying recommendations and end-of-month Chicken Scratch roundup.

Thank you for subscribing. 

From the water,